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I’m Jennifer, 26 from Liverpool in the UK.

I read a lot and watch too many horror films.

Halloween is my favourite time of year.

I am a freakshow style performer specialising in glasswalking and pain acts,fire arts,angle grinding and stiltwalking.

I’ve just finished a degree in English, applying for PGCE to become a secondary school teacher in September.

I have two shih-tsus, Loki and Hex, they are father and son and they mean a lot to me.

I spend most of my time reading…Love horror fiction,gothic fiction,true crime…some of my favourites include ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte,’The Picture of Dorian Grey’ by Oscar Wilde,and ‘IT’,by Stephen King.

I suffer from night terrors and have a horrible fear of the dark, but love to scare myself reading about the paranormal, hauntings, legends,true crime etc!

Interests (135):

alan rickman, alice in chains, anime, anne rice, aperfectcircle, asian horror, audition, bats, battle royale, beauty and the beast, billy idol, books, brandon lee, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, camping, cartoons, chai, chocolate, christina ricci, clive barker, conspiracy theories, cosplay, creature feature, creepy stuff, curb your enthusiasm, dancing, darren shan, david bowie, deadsy, death note, discworld, discworld series, disney, dr who, dracula, drugs, elfen lied, eminem, enid blyton, exploitation films, faith no more, fear factory, festivals, fire performing, foreign horror, frankenstein, freddie krueger, french horror, gremlins, halloween, hallucinogens, hauntings, hellraiser, hentai, hollywood undead, horror, horror movies, ichi the killer, it, james herbert, jeff hardy, johnny depp, juliette lewis, katy perry, kelley armstrong, lady gaga, let the right one in, lip service, literature, lost boys, martyrs, michael jackson, milla jovovich, modelling, monsters, naruto, nightmare on elm street, nine inch nails, nocturnal, noel fielding, oscar wilde, paranormal, peep show, pet sematary, pets, pole dancing, poledancing, puscifer, rammstein, reading, rec, resident evil, rihanna, rik mayall, rob zombie, roman dirge, salem's lot, scary stuff, sex, shakespeare, silent hill, sisters of mercy, sleeping, spanish horror, spongebob squarepants, stephen king, studio ghibli, supernatural, tea, terminator 2, terry pratchett, the birthday massacre, the damned, the dark tower, the last broadcast, the little mermaid, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, the portrait of dorian grey, the prodigy, the southern vampire mysteries, the stand, the supernatural, the vampire chronicles, tool, toys, true blood, true crime, vampires, vincent price, weird stuff, withering heights, world war z, writing, zombies
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